for different industries

• PowerForm for Delivery and Logistics companies

• Assign package deliveries to delivery vehicle drivers (Field Agents)

• Monitor the location of the vehicle drivers and see their route

• Packages are delivered and clients sign for receipt

• Location of the delivery and the signature captured

• Send an e-mail to your client immediately on the delivery

• PowerForm for Insurance companies

• Enroll new clients using an Application Form on a smart phone

• Send an e-mail immediately to new clients

• Use PowerForm to document assessments of claims / damage

• Location of claim assessment, images and customer signature

• PowerForm for distribution of funds for claims

• Location tracking of field agents

• PowerForm for collection companies

• Assign collection tasks to your collection agents (Field Agents)

• Plan the collection assignments based on the Due Date (field type)

• Location tracking of field agents

• Create reports on collections for the day/week for reconciliation purposes

• Images of checks to be deposited and deposit slips

• Customer signature of payments made

• PowerForm for Government – many uses for

 different departments and agencies

• Citizens’ Complaints, Compliments and Suggestions

• Field surveys for different agencies – health of citizens,

 repairs/damage, enrolment / applications etc.

• Registrations – businesses, farmers, vehicles and vessels, laborers etc.

• Disbursements of funds for insurance, pensions, reimbusements

• Flexible uses wherever the Government agency has field personnel or

 distributed offices where data collection is required

• Customizable workflows available for large requirements

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• PowerForm for credit investigation companies

• Assign investigations directly to field agents/investigators – remove travel time

• Complete investigations with digital forms to remove encoding

• Location tracking of credit investigators

• Image capture for vehicles, residence, work etc.

• Signature capture

• Submit for review and approval or reassign to another field agent

• Improved efficiency and accuracy


• PowerForm for Fast Moving Consumer Goods companies – many different uses

• Use PowerForm for your merchandisers to check shelf space, competitor pricing,

 inventory etc. Real time feedback to guide your business decisions.

• Enroll your distribution companies with PowerForm for trade sales reporting

 – know how many visits are conducted, check the location of each store, assess the

 route plans, location tracking, customer signatures including the agreed trade price

• Real time monitoring of sales throughout the country to influence Advertising,

 Discounts, Channel partner incentives etc.

• Enroll your retail partners with PowerForm for proactive re-ordering of inventory

• Location tracking of sales agents, merchandisers, promodisers, other field personnel

• PowerForm for pharmaceutical companies – many different uses

• Use PowerForm for your med reps with assigned tasks

 and due dates to visit doctors and clinics.

• Track the location and routes of your med reps to help

 improve performance and efficiency

• Generate reports on the performance of your med reps and individual products

• Enroll your doctors and clinics with PowerForm for proactive

 re-ordering of inventory, feedback and other requests

• PowerForm for companies performing field inspections or conducting

 market research

• Create your own forms designed for different types of inspections or surveys.

 Assign different types to different groups of field agents

• Conduct market research quickly and efficiently

• Receive images of issues with location of each

• Generate reports on the performance of your field agents and issues or market

 feedback on a real time basis

• Enroll your partners with PowerForm to proactively obtain information from the field

• Location tracking of your field agents including route information

• PowerForm is ideal for any companies’ sales agents – digital

 order taking in the field.

• Use the custom reports facility in PowerForm to analyze and

 dissect the performance of your sales professionals.

• Location tracking helps you to understand the activities of all

 your field personnel

• Use PowerForm for expense reporting for efficient monitoring

  and easy data collation

• Send Order Forms to your clients as soon as agents connect

 online to confirm the transaction

• Use Reference Data for inventory items (SKUs) and correct pricing

• Use Calculations to determine the overall invoice or order value

• Real estate agents can use PowerForm for all their sales visits with a report

 on the potential client feedback

• Use a form to capture all the information on new properties with pictures

 and descriptions to create the property database

• Location tracking helps you to understand the activities of all your real

  estate brokers

• Send visit reports to your clients with pictures of the property as soon

 your agent connects online

• Use PowerForm for expense reporting for efficient monitoring and

 easy data collection

• PowerForm is ideal for your field engineers to capture

 information when performing site and other types of inspections

• Use the Calculations functionality to include complex calculations in the forms

• Capture images of the site and equipment as part of the report for future use

• Geo-coding of all pictures, signature and submission helps to confirm the accuracy of the report

• Empower your customers with PowerForm for end user reporting of issues

• Location tracking helps you to understand the location of all your field engineers

• Use PowerForm for expense reporting for efficient monitoring and easy data collection